17 May 2009

#137 Late or Early?? You Decide!


OK, in 4 weeks, we will be in the Yucatan & I'll be fumbling for my Spanish dictionary!
I about panicked when I realized how close we are to leaving and I hadn't packed yet. So I'm packed andI got the chance to finish cleaning my closet in the process, what a nice bonus.
Anyway, I always pack weeks and weeks prior to lengthy trips and at least a month or more prior to short trips. I need the time to consider if I really need all the stuff I crammed into my duffle bag.
This drives my sis and bil crazy because they both have been known to go to Europe and throw things into their bags the day before they leave! (I am sure she was adopted.)
I've already realized something I'd forgotten to pack...my pj's. So this month will be dedicated to my unpacking, repacking, adding and subtracting from that duffle bag until I am sufficiently satisfied that I haven't forgotten a thing.
Now all I need to do is find my passport...hmmmmm


Meg said...

Adopted? I don't think so. The smarter, less neurotic sister? Yes, that would be me. Who cares what you take? A pair of shorts, a durable skirt, a few t-shirts, underwear, a used book to discard enroute,a sweater, a windbreaker, sturdy shoes and you're good to go. No need to plan ahead if you always pack the same thing. Leave plenty of room for mementos..the lovely mug from a local market, the coaster from a memorable pub, a bag of licorice for mom, and whatever else pleases your fancy.

My fun is in the grab and go. Yours is in the plan and anticipate. Both satisfy and both will get you there. That's what counts! Love you! Me(g)

Sandee said...

Always pack the same thing?! Come on, Sis, that's like eating the same old breakfast every morning.

Amy said...

I don't own enough clothes to pack that far in advance...LOL! A day or two before we leave at the most!!