19 May 2009

#139 Kids!

We have a leadership class at school where the kids learn traits of leaders and learn to become leaders themselves in various situations. They broke into small groups and each group had to make a poster about a particular character trait of a leader including examples of people who exude that trait.
Those posters hung on the wall for months and I finally got closer and read them. My name was on every single poster! Of course, their worlds are sheltered...I mean I was up there with Nelson Mandela, our president, Ben Franklin, Donald Trump, Rosa Parks and I don't know how many others. I laughed so hard I almost cried.
I hope each of these kids will have the opportunity one day to leave our little town, our valley, our county and see the world. Several of them don't remember being further than an hour away from home. Ah....a gift of experiences....would certainly change their lives and the way they look at the world.
Until then, move over, Donald Trump, here comes Sandee Krueger!!

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Meg said...

How wonderful that the kids love you so much!!! I would follow you anywhere (almost). Love you!!!