31 May 2009

#151 1946....a good year

Our friend, Rick, was born in 1946....and so were Jack, Pat, Jim, Carmen, Janice, me and tons of other friends of ours. Rick was sans wife on his birthday so we had a Birthday BBQ for him. It was 94° with a sky filled with thunder clouds.
Then the rain started and the sky opened up. Luckily, the cookin' had just finished when the rain began. I teased Rick that if the power went out, we'd just light all 63 birthday candles. Actually, I just had one in his "European mousse" dessert.
Temps dropped to 76° in a matter of minutes. Crazy.


Amy said...

I love your patio/deck....so cool! And is that a triangle-dingy-thing I see? I WANT one of those SO bad!!!

Sandee said...

Amy, our neighbor made it for us years ago. And yes, Jack uses it when the BBQ is ready to come off the fire.