22 May 2009

#142 The "Village"

Down town Shady Cove, looking north in the first two and south in the last one. Population about 2,500. 3 motels, 3 gas stations, 2 markets (1 like a 7-11, the other with 7-11 prices!), 2 taverns, 2 car washes, 2 laundromats, too many raft rentals to count, 1 movie rental, 2 pizza places, 1 Mexican restaurant, 1 fancy restaurant, 1 Subway inside a gas station, 1 deli inside a fishing shop, 2 unidentifiable food restaurants with varied hours, 1 library open 3 half-days a week, 2 medical clinics, 1 dentist, 1 coffee drive-in, many thrift shops, 3 auto mechanics, 2 gift/floral/flower places, 1 chiropractor, 3 beauty salons, 1 fitness place (tiny), 1 quilt shop, tons of little gift shops and 0 traffic lights and 0 cross walks. I'm missing a ton of tiny businesses, but hey, they change so frequently, it's hard to keep up with all of them.
It's a small town. We moved here with a population of 1,000 so we've seen a lot of changes.

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Amy said...

Love small towns!! Ya know, Nelson County had 0 traffic lights until a few years back. I have a scrapbook page about getting our first traffic light. ;-)