16 May 2009

#136 Woman Overboard!

No, I didn't fall off of a boat...I just went overboard at the library! I rarely get there now that they are only open three half-days a week, but when I do, I get a little crazy. I love books on tape so I can quilt or clean as I listen to a story but 3 at once? Not to mention the beginning Spanish and intermediate French tapes. I need to learn some conversational Spanich MUY PRONTO! And we never have intermediate tapes available in French so that was exciting. Lastly, is a movie with Mikhail Baryshnikov...I just hope he dances in the movie....I'll see. Oh, I also bought two books from the sale rack. Next trip to the library, I'll have to take a shopping bag with me!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Only 3?? Goodness we hit the library about one a week & we always have piles! I'm always way over-zealous & check out too many at one time, but anyways. Let's see....right now I have 'Idoleyes', 'Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter', 'the Miracle' & 'The Lost Quilter'. I can't remember if I've asked you before....but have you ever read any of Jennifer Chiaverini's books? The Elm Creek Quilt series.......you'd love 'em!