27 January 2010

It Pays ($$) to be Chubby

Okay, so our district got a grant for a health and wellness program. All employees were invited to join the group where our weight, measurements, BMI, vital signs, blood sugars, cholesterol, etc. would be measured at the beginning of the program then measured at the end to see how we did. We had to choose one of 2 goals: exercise or lose weight.
I decided to lose weight. WRONG choice!
It turns out I have actually enjoyed exercising every single day. Well, walking. It is reportedly as good as running and I do love it. I've reached my goal of an average of 10,000 steps a day every week HOWEVER, I am NOT....repeat: NOT losing ANY weight! ( I actually gained weight - go figure. Maybe it was my shoes. Last time I had removed them this time I didn't.) I figure I should have at the very LEAST lost the weight of my own shoes!
So I go to the monthly meeting last night and learn about exercising. I learned that if you do the same routine over and over, after 4 weeks, your body adjusts so you have to vary your routine. I figured that meant DON'T WALK today...so I didn't! And I still have 10,000 steps racked up! I guess I've learned the art of not standing still!
Anyway, back at the meeting... they had a drawing and I won a $50 certificate to a spa in my most favorite town (next to San Francisco and Portland)....Ashland! Who says life isn't good? There is this awesome chocolate factory in Ashland and they have the BEST chocolates... oh...yeah, this is about losing weight....
...see why I can't do it?
I asked the organizer if I could change my goal to "exercise" rather than lose weight and he told me he would do that for me...what a guy!
Then as we left, we all got a $10 certificate for one healthy thing or another. I chose this great little restaurant in Medford called Grilla Bites....mmmm healthy, organic deli foods. It is my most favorite place to eat and I'm very picky about eating out. (That's why we only eat in a restaurant about every 5 months!) Seriously...maybe even less than that. I just find restaurant food lacking in every way.
The moral of my story is that it pays for me to be chubby! $60 worth last night! Hoo Hoo!!

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