31 January 2010

Yet Another Project!

Remember the clean craft/sewing/art/compter room project? Well, just when I thought I was pretty well finished with it....we decided to get a new computer. One thing leads to another and we decided to keep our old computer and add the new one in this room. Which meant the sacrificing of one HUGE bank of drawers and counter top where I could cut fabrics and store on-going projects.
Amy, don't shake your head, but...one of those drawers held art work from my grandkids. All five of them. Just tossed into the drawer. Mind you, my oldest grandson is 14 years old! That drawer was my "gonna do scrapbooks" drawer!
These drawers were 28" deep and they pulled out 100% and were quite deep. A lot of storage space is now gone.
When Jack pulled the top off, he discovered his little note - he always finds a way to sign his work!
Here it is pulled out as I'm trying to work on a sewing project. (Sorry, Jan, the apron is on hold for a bit.)
Uh... I would say life is on hold for a bit in this household! I hate to even think of where this is all going to go! But it is actually in transition - stuff coming out so the REALLY important other stuff can have a new home.

Then I have a week from H-E-L-L and come home and just crash with a horrible headache from Wednesday until this morning. Friday and Saturday I was down for the count as it had turned into a migraine. The kids use perfume and colognes and it just sends me to the sick bed!
But today is better and I hope to have a new and improved photo to post soon!


Meg said...

OH NO! You barely got to enjoy the great job of cleaning and sorting you did!!! I guess it helps to know that under the new piles are neat cupboards and storage spaces. What will you do with all of the moved items? Why not take over the guest room? We can sleep on air matresses!! Love you, but I don't envy you the work. Meg

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