24 January 2010


My BFF, Sandy, used to say I looked svelte. I've never really felt svelte but now, at "sponge", I know I was.
If I were to get svelte again, I think it would look strange because my skin will sag even more than it does already. However, I know I need to try for my heart.
Tomorrow I hook up with a group of women who are logging their efforts to get healthier each week. So here it is for all the www to see...my attempts at becoming svelte.
This was yesterday's steps. My goal is to walk an average of 10,000 a day each week. I'm getting good at not standing still when I'm waiting for things. The next goal will be to eat healthier. I have the right foods in the house, I just need to reach for them when I want a snack rather than reaching for the carbs.

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