08 January 2010

My Birth Certificate Lied

I am certain that I am OLDER than my birth certificate says I am! My brain is just not operating like it should. Any ideas for brain food? (Other than animal parts???) Maybe there is a magical legume I could nibble on to help me.
I order my prescriptions that I take daily, 3 months at a time. It saves me money with co-pays, etc. Anyway, not too long ago, I reordered the two that I take and I got them in the mail just fine. Well, my thyroid meds were in that lot and I'm down to just 4 pills left and I can't find my refills!
Remember that I've been cleaning and hauling crap out of this house like no tomorrow. Well, that has helped because it made it easy to search the past week for my pills. I remember so distinctly that I held that bottle of 90 tablets in my hand and said, "Ok, I'm going to tuck those here so I will KNOW where they are when I need them."
Yup! My problem is I don't know where that "here" is! I cannot get a refill again - it is too soon. So I swallow my pride and call my doctor who is going to yell at me. (I haven't had my mamogram, I am overweight, I refuse to take cholesterol lowering drugs, I cut my hormone patches in half to save money, blah, blah.... and now I've lost my pills!) Only he is on vacation and his office cannot write a new Rx.
Luckily, I have another doctor, I left a message for her to please help. I didn't hear back from her so I called Doc #1 back and asked to talk to his SWEET nurse. I begged for some samples to get me through until I can reorder again. She agreed. Bless her heart.
I was at work. Doc's office was going to close on Friday so I had just a couple hours to get into town - and of course, it was on the opposite side of the county from where I live! I called Jack and told him to get off the couch (he's been sick with a cold for 10 days), and go with me!
I got a bright idea to stop at Doc #2's office on the way into town. She did send an Rx into Costco for me. Bless her sweet heart. So that saved a trip to the other end of town....but I still had to get into town.
I did some shopping, dropped off photos, etc. Went to pick up my pills only they hadn't filled it yet! That was 3 hours later. They told me I need to call beause they had been busy and they help people IN PERSON first! So I had to just hang out.
I waited by walking the store.
So good things came out of it all - I got 90 days of pills, which gives me an extra stash for the next time I lose them. And I know since I am OLDER than I think I am, I'll need an extra stash!
I got over 10,000 steps in yesterday! (Jack always parks in the outer 40 acres of a parking lot and yesterday was no exception...only he stayed in the car while I did the errands!) And I got Jack out of the house. Not out of the car, but out of the house.
I'm still in need of brain food so help me out here, okay?

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Kate Wille said...

walnuts are supposed to be good brain food!