10 January 2010

Super Glue

I've had this pair of broken earrings that needed super gluing back together for ages. I've postponed the job because I'm not good at super gluing things. Actually, I may be too good at it because I manage to glue all sorts of things when I'm aiming just for one item.
Sure enough, I managed to glue my fingertips together. I had to run to the sink and rub liquid soap on them and pull as hard as I could. I got them apart with skin in tact and waited for my hand to dry.
The earring looked good but I still had the back of it to do. I flipped it over and managed to glue my other fingers together. (Cut me some slack here, the glue is very watery - I need super glue GEL next time.)
Now my fingertips are all covered with a layer of glue and they feel as tight as I would imagine a face lift would feel like. (You know those movie stars who look like they are in pain, their faces are so tight?!)
I think I heard somewhere that criminals superglue their fingers so they don't leave finger prints. Guess I could hire myself out for awhile. Hmmmm, maybe that was in the "old" days before Laytex gloves.
My earrings, you ask? Well, I managed to glue the hook as well and it set up laying down so one earring will hang down and the other one will hang sticking out sideways!
If only I could fix everything with my sewing machine, I'd be just fine.

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