01 January 2010


I have been challenged by my friend, Rev. Sandy, to answer two questions:
1) If asked, how would my children describe me?
2) What have I done with my life?
I am thinking that it may take the rest of my life if I want to change the answers to these questions and I'm going to need a plan.

This may take awhile.


Meg said...

You are the one person I know, who could develop a plan and make it happen.
I'm reading a new book and am thrilled by the author's ability to place me inside a completely diffrent space. To create a world with words that lives and breathes in my mind as much as our vibrant real world is an amazing talent. You have this talent. It's just that you don't build with words. I've seen you do it a million times. Set a goal, imagine a new reality and then make it happen!
Go Sandee. The world is already so much richer because of you! Funnier, warmer, more caring, more cared for...that's you! So you're a bit of a dingbat! So what if your emotions run deep and high?! So what!!!! You create. You make things happen. You are the best!!! That's what I say about you.
Love, Meg

Norma said...

Hi Aunt Sandee