31 December 2009

#365 ... OMg!! I Did It! ... Blogging Done?

Day 365. I have posted over 365 photos the past year and just took a peek at all of them. For those of you who have followed along, I think you must be as nutz as I am! I posted some pretty strange pictures. First, I shared my stashes from fabrics to recipes to hidden chocolates; my critters from wild turkeys to my horses and cat; my projects including painting the house inside, sewing totes and quilts; I shared a 5# sack of flour to acknowledge the weight I'd lost and then didn't lose another ounce; I gave you a tour of our home and our view; I showed how busy Jack stays with his woodworking, gate making, rock laying abilities, and his helping others with their jobs; I shared our trips to California, Washington, Virginia and the Yucatan; I shared my volunteer work mainly with kids in our community; Danette's cancer and how she triumphed; my family - kids, grandkids, Moms, sisters, brothers and the whole bunch; I shared the stupid things I do like scrubbing my counter tops with Miracle Gro, dumptster diving for 5 cent returnable cans for school funds, packing my bags 2 months before a trip, trying to whip 1/2 and 1/2 because it "felt" like "heavy cream"; I shared photos of friends and just plain every day objects.
It was a fun journey and some days I thought I'd never be able to find another photo when there it was, right in front of me.
So I've decided to leave you with just one more photo of my craft/sewing/art/computer room and how I organized yesterday. I spent the entire day in the room, except for when I was trying to make chicken noodle soup and sourdough bread (see "bonus blog"). I have some counter tops to clear off and bags to haul out to go to the dump, but I feel good about this area now. Not that I didn't know where everything was before hand, but I had become pretty lazy and just stuffed things back where ever they could fit instead of taking time and tucking them into the correct box.
This is the before shot...
and the after shot.
and this one is for Mom. This is the pie plate I took home filled with an apple pie. Mmmmm, it was good, nice and sour and tasty. This isn't just a photo of a pie plate, but a photo of a promise.
Mom, I'll see you soon so I can return your dish in person!

I hope all of you have a special year ahead filled with smiles, happiness and good health.
It's been a fun experience doing this blog thing. I highly recommend it to each of you.
I don't know how next year's blog will look, but I do believe it won't be a daily event.
I need to think about it and see what I can come up with - another challenge to myself that I'm willing to share with y'all.
Love you each and every one!
Thanks for tuning in.

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Kate Wille said...

Amazing Sandee, I enjoyed every snapshot!