27 December 2009

#361 - R3

My OLDER brother, Ray, has one grandson who happens to be a miracle baby. He was born extremely early and fought like a warrior out of the tubes, wires, hoses and needles of his hospital world.
This little miracle is named after his daddy who is named after my brother...so he is Ray the third. As a nickname, he was called R3 at first. I rather liked that little name and that is the name I've used since he was born. (My old brain...you know..) He is called by his family Ray San.
Anyway, here are Ray and R3...
Ray is showing R3 how to use his new cell phone toy.

R3 took Grandpa's finger and had Grandpa work the buttons on the toy cell phone. Not only is he one of the sweetest little ones I've ever known, but he's obviously smart too!

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