05 December 2009

#339 Go Oregon!

Okay, anyone who knows me, knows that I do NOT like competitive sports. I cry when a team loses and I get EXTREMELY upset if a kid or adult player gets hurt. I cannot watch an entire game, in fact, I don't like watching much at all.
So Oregon just had their "Civil War" football games and the winner got a trip to the Rose Bowl. Of course, the school was all abuzz over the game. Our athletic director knows how I feel and that I just want them to play for a tie game and for the fun of playing, etc. He just so happens to be a huge OR Duck fan so I decided to borrow a shirt showing a duck squashing a beaver and wear it in his honor. I just couldn't write the words "Go Ducks" on my face so I wrote "Go Oregon"...just to be safe.
I think just about every person in the entire school had either green and yellow or orange and black on that day!
(The reason I block out the eyes of kids at school is that I do not have permission to put their photo on my blog. My own grandkids...I don't block them out....so you have noticed.)

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