16 December 2009

#350 The Pity "Tree"

Don't be misled by the title, there is no self-pity going on here at all over the lack of a Christmas tree in our house. I don't remember ever wanting to cut a tree down for my pleasure. I even wanted to build our house without cutting down trees! Go figure. (Of course, the house is made of wood...duh!)
Here's where the pity comes in: my girlfriend thinks it is a pity that we have three grandchildren who will be here in 6 days and no tree and even worse, no decorations! So I received some lights and was told to string them on our carved trees. (She's watching my blog so I have to show her I did it....out of pity for her!)
And the Amazon.com boxes....that's our gifts. We don't mess with wrapping paper either!
What I really needed are lights that spell out "Bah Hum Bug" to flash from the roof top.
Okay....Christmasy enough?
My entire family will have decorated trees so I can visit their decorations! No one will miss out on a thing.

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Amy said...

Love your little trees....they are so cute!