29 December 2009

#363 Master Plan

Okay, so I've been purging cupboards since I got home. I've done well so far and have this great Master Plan to chip away at until it's time to start the circle all over again. I have to say, it feels good to pull something out of the way back of a cupboard and decide it needs a new home, far far away from my home!
Anyone need a cookie jar with matching salt and pepper shakers. (What the?! Salt and pepper AND cookies? Too weird...but cute.)
The problem is that I now have so much empty space in my cupboards, it feels rather sinful. I have more than I will ever need yet there are millions who would give anything for my kitchen, let alone my lovely home. ('guess I'll have to work on these feelings.)
Speaking of more space, Jack and I have decided we are going to extend our master closet into the walk-in attic space. We use it for storage of suitcases, and who knows what. (That is one of the areas on my Master Plan.) So we will put a floor in there and some drywall, etc. Then in the space remaining, we are setting up some strobe lights to get rid of the bats. Hopefully, this will work on those little buggers.
I want to do some major changes in our master bathroom too but that has to wait because I'm talking ripping up the sink and knocking down a wall and giving us 2 sinks rather than 1. Not that we have a problem sharing, but I want the house to really stand out when it comes time to sell it. (Don't panic, we aren't talking about moving yet. Well, I am, but Jack is NOT.) So I keep thinking of little things that would be nice for resale value. I figure as long as we are working upstairs we might as well keep on with the construction. But Jack says "not right now with the bathroom remodel."
Hey, y'all....only two more postings and I'm done with one full year of snipits of my life in photos. Too cool! Thanks for following. I just wish a few more of you phantom followers would leave comments! Okay, I'm off to pull more crap out of deep, dark spaces.

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