27 December 2009

#360 Boys

The boys loved Pike Place Market at the fish stand. They could have stayed there for hours watching the guys throwing fish around.
It was a good time for everyone, but I think mostly for me. I was with part of my family and it made time that much more precious to me.
Bragging Time: I work with a lot of middle school kids and Josh is one of those rare 8th grade boys who just loves everyone. He is so intuned to people and their coming and going. Every time someone entered Mom's house or got ready to leave, Josh would stop what he was doing and hug and smooch those arriving/leaving. He is just amazing. He's as smart as he is sweet - taking Trig in 8th grade. Heck, the brightest of our bright students take Geometry. I've never known any of them to ever take Trig in the 8th grade. I hope he can continue with the math, what a gift.
All three boys were amazing. They got along well and were polite to everyone. The younger ones played with young cousins and were just plain fun and caring. I was proud to be with them and watch them in action.
Unfortunately, they saw me in action too....I had a melt down and it was NOT pretty. The next day, I had to load up on my homeopathic Calmz...'shoulda taken them sooner. So now the boys have seen a side of Granny they never knew exiasted. (dang it!)
Okay, confession is over, don't ask for details!

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