19 December 2009

#353 Projects...

I've never made Charles, my son-in-law a quilt and he somehow "snagged" Joshua's old quilt to cuddle with. I decided it was time Charles had his own, plus I made Josh a new quilt too. This is 94" x 80" so it is a good size quilt. It is called "Broken Star". I liked the pattern but when it went together, you weren't supposed to line up any of the joints and as a quilter, I didn't like that at all. Some joints joined and others did not. I had to toss my "rip it out and sew again" thoughts out the window and just enjoy the process of sewing smaller pieces to make larger pieces. I love the colors and I'm sure he will enjoy having a quilt of his own.
I need to make a gift bag for it now.
Charles, Kari and kids arrive tomorrow!!!!


Eileen said...

That quilt is just beautiful!! You by far are the most talented person I know. Enjoy your daughter and grandchildren... I get to see my granddaughter tomorrow also, YEA!!

Drive safely, or tell Jack to!!! I love you my partner in crime.

Amy said...

LOVE this quilt!!