20 January 2010

Time to win the lottery

Okay, it must be time for me to buy a lottery ticket. (Actually, I can count on one hand how many times I've purchased a $1 ticket. The odds are just not in my favor to win!) But it sure is fun thinking about all the folks I could help if I EVER did buy a ticket and I EVER did win!
Jack and I just ordered a new computer through Dell. You build your own system if you want anything other than the stock model. Of course, Jack had all these other ideas in his head like a wireless keyboard and mouse and a HUGE screen. I hate those huge screens and I don't care if I have a cord on my keyboard or not. So we decided that we are going to keep the old computer as well.
Jack gets to remodel the computer/sewing/art room in order for 2 computers to work in here. I'm good with that. We frequently want to use the computer at the same time and now we can. I'll get the new hard drive to work with all the photos that I enjoy working with and editing, etc. I'll delete all of my photos from the old one and know it will free up space for him.
So here we are spending all this money to help the economy, (sounds like a good of an excuse as any), and I'm thinking we better win the lottery!
At least we are having fun so what the heck?!!

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Meg said...

It's so good to have a computer that really does what you need. How soon will you have the new one? It always takes us awhile to work out the kinks though. Hope you're "kink free'. I bought a lottery ticket in December. Didn't even remember to check it. If I still have it I'll have to see, maybe I won $1 for the next one. Good luck!!!! Meg