29 May 2010

Spanish Lavender

Our Spanish lavender is in full bloom. Bees are loving it and so are we. What an incredibly lovely day here today. The sun popped out just in time for Memorial Day Weekend campers and bar-b-cuers. It would certainly be nice if it were to start warming up around here. We are experiencing an average of 15° F colder than normal for the month of May yet we are still way below our normal rainfall. Strange. But the lavender bloomed and that makes me smile.
And best of all, Kari signed a contract for next school year! She is one of only 5 who were rehired in her school district. It is a wonder anyone will be left to teach the children.


soggibottom said...

I can never think of a garden without Lavender. x x x

Terrie said...

Good news to Kari and happy to you all. Great to see the Lavender in a beautiful day. Your garden is such a lovely one with your good care.