21 May 2010

That's a Switch!

I managed to somehow throw my back and my knee out on the same day and was in so much pain, I could hardly move so I came home from work. Guess who had to go upstairs and fetch my needed items that evening? Today, it seems to be just my knee and that's an old injuury so I am rather used to that one.
At least we weren't down and out at the same time! Jack is much better. He even drove himself into Medford yesterday. He took a friend along just in case he couldn't manage the drive. He said he was knotted up when he first got out of the truck, but the more he walked, the more it all worked itself out. So it would appear that he is on the mend. He even found a way to put his shoes and socks on by himself. He cannot bend over very far and sitting for very long hurts but every day seems to bring an added surprise to his mending.