06 May 2010

There Ought to be a Label for Fingernails

So how many grams of dietary fiber do you think there are in fingernails? What about protein? Why? Because I'm so hungry I'm ready to start biting my fingernails off, that's why!
No, I'm not trying to get slim for the sake of beauty; however, I am trying to slim down for the sake of my health.
I had my annual blood work done and got some scary results: cholesterol is about through the roof and remember folks, I don't eat meat! A1c was high...this is the measurement they use to see if you are diabetic. 6.5 means you are diabetic. I am 6.4 and two years ago I was 6.2.
With these reports in hand and phone messages from two different doctors saying, "CALL US NOW!".... I figure I better straighten up and fly right.
I hit the board (keyboard, that is..) and surfed the net to make myself "knowledgeable" about diabetes. Oh boy. Two hours later, I was afraid to eat anything.
Proteins are needed but cholesterol runs rampant in protein rich foods. Guess I'll be increasing my intake of tofu really soon.
On the good side, both ailments can "possibly" be "fixed" by losing weight. Both docs want to see me soon but I sweet-talked them into June, AFTER school gets out. I can just hear one of my docs "scolding" voice rolling around inside my head. I'm more afraid of him than I am over the idea that I may be diabetic. OMg!!
So here it is - I went cold turkey on this one - I gave up eating chocolate. (Well, at least until I get this all in order, right?) I realize I won't be able to have fun with my chocolate binges any longer because that is called "sugar loading" and it is not good for anyone. Maybe one nibble here and there on my 85% cocoa bars. I'll have something to look forward to, that's for sure.
Then there are my carbs. I'm in love with carbs. Potatoes - rice - chips - popcorn - pasta - pizza ... you get the picture. I can't eat these like I used to. I'm measuring them out and counting them.
I had made pasta for us and we were feasting on the leftovers when I realized I have to measure 1/3 of a cup of pasta and that's it. (Did you EVER see how much 1/3 C of cooked pasta is? Not much.) I laughed when I saw my "serving" and Jack's plate FULL of lucious pasta. (sigh).
(Get ahold of yourself, Sandee, Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Spouse's Pasta.) I'm sure there is a law written for that somewhere. Dang it!
Benefit No. 1 is that I lost two pounds right off the bat. I'd already lost two last week so I'm down four. If I can keep this trend, I may be able to button my britches by those June appointments!
(By the way, for those of you who asked....that bread recipe will follow soon...I did find it!)

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