09 May 2010

TGIMT (Thank Goodness it's Monday Tomorrow!)

Yay! The weekend is almost over and behind me. Jack is working his way into his 4th week of a bad back. I may be working my way into my 1st week of a bad back just from all the bending I'm having to do. He drops something....I get to pick it up. Shoes on; shoes off, etc.
Then today he gets the bright idea that I have to weed wack our property. The dang weed wacker hadn't been started since last summer. I dragged it out into the sunshine to "let it warm up first". Then filled it with gasoline. Then primed the pump or whatever it's called until I pulled that ole pull cord and the engine just purred. (All of this under Jack's direct supervision, of course.)
Well, it purred until it stopped about 5 minutes later. Every 5 minutes, it decided to just stop. I lost count on just how many times I had to pull that cord. I even managed to get caught up in the field fencing and not with just the cord, but the bottom (thickest) wire got jammed inside the head of the weed wacker. Poor Jack had to come and cut me free. Fortunately, no damage was done other than to the fencing. I learned how to change the cords, how to pull the sparkplug and clean it, etc. Finally, I called it a day. Was the job finished? Nope.
While looking over what I'd done, I announced to Jack, "Well, it certainly looks like a quilter just weed wacked the place because it is definitely a patchwork job!"
I heard from both of our girls and then we connected with both of our moms (even though I do NOT celebrate MD.) So I decided to relax in an oil bath....Mmmm, lavender salts and hot oily water. I got into some baggy clothes and figured I could relax all afternoon organizing my recipes.
Next thing I knew, Jack was on the phone. He found an inversion table for his back on Craig's List. Do you think it might have been nearby? Nope, but not as far away as it could've been. So - change my clothes, pack him in the truck and away we went. Luckily the woman helped me load it into the truck.
We'll be setting it up tomorrow for him to use. We understand that they are very good for you if you have back problems. I may be the first one to try it out after this weekend!
Oh, by the by, for those of you who do celebrate MD, I hope it was very special for each of you.

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