03 May 2010

You Load 16 Pounds and What do You Get?

(No, you don't get a smaller version of Tennessee Ernie Ford singing "16 Tons" - but you can get that at You Tube. Just type in "16 Tons" and he will sing it to you.)
I grew up on Tennessee's music and this particular song rolls around in my head frequently. I don't particularly like music so go figure why that song has stuck for over 50 years in my head. Any hoo, here is my version of it:
Yup! It's 16 pounds of recipes going to the recycle bin. I saved and saved "Taste of Home" and "Vegetarian Times" magazines until I had to shove them behind other recipe books. I
figured it would give Jack a good project to sort through them while his back is hurting. I put them on a high counter top along with the scissors but he didn't go along with my plan. So I've been clipping and sorting.
I'll have another week of sorting some more and filing those which I have saved. But to get rid of 16 pounds of unneeded recipes feels good. 'just one more corner cleaned out! And when I'm finished with the entire house and all my stashes, it will be time to start all over again. Just like painting the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge; the job never ends.

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