12 May 2010


No, he's not dead.....

just look at that smile! It's Jack's new inversion table. He hangs upside down and it takes the pressure off of his discs. He feels better after hanging around!
It's down in the "rec" room that we NEVER use. I told him to start making friends with all the spiders down there or else I'll scoot them outdoors!
Tomorrow he sees a back specialist.
Good news is he is feeling better - not pain free, but much better!

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Anne's Original Hooked Rugs said...

Oh Boy, looks like a difficult way to get therapy. If it works, so be it... :)
Is that a shuffle board I see on the right? We have on in our rec room; that's why I ask....Hope your man is feeling better.
I love the sock picture...what a nice rug!!!