13 August 2010

Great-Aunties/Grandma Quilt

I totally forgot to post the photo of the latest Great-Aunties-Grandma Row Quilt. This is for the new addition to our family, Travis. I didn't want to post it and ruin the surpirse, then I promptly forgot about it.
As some of you know, this is a tradition I started in our family where the grandmother-to-be decides what colors she wants the quilt then the great-aunties and grandma each make a row. Lucky granny gets to put them together and finish the quilt.

Great-Aunties Bernadette, Sandee, Pat and Grandma Annette
(Missing in action is Great-Auntie Ina who is bombing around England somewhere right about now!)

We were all quite happy with this quilt. It's a great tradition...too bad I didn't start it earlier for my first four grandkids! .. that's okay though, we'll get to make THEIR babies a quilt!

(Can someone explain to me why it is grandma yet great-aunt? Why aren't we the grand-aunts? Hmmmm.., I think we're pretty grand!)


soggibottom said...

It's a stunning quilt Sandee.
I made a quilt for each of my kids, also two of my grands. I still have to make another.
Great Quilt girls. x x x

Carmen said...

Testing 1-2-3

Carmen said...

I am so impressed by your quilt making talents! Maybe I'll try a beginner quilt this winter???