14 August 2010

Kudos to JC Penney in Medford!

Today was the annual Kids' Spree. This is for kids in our county who don't have a heck of a lot so buying new school clothes would be out of the question for them. ENTER:  JC Penney and many, many other sponsors and volunteers.

Volunteers were screened carefully earlier in the year. Today, at the appointed time, each one of us was given a child to take into the store and shop until one of us drops! I was "chosen" this morning by a young boy who attends our school. He was such a particular shopper; it made for interesting shopping. He was just as sweet as could be, he just knew what he liked or did not like...and it had all to do with the feel of the fabric.

We had a gift card with $100 on it and everything was on a blow-out sale to begin with. At the end, we got 20% taken off from the grand total. So he really made a haul. The good thing is, when a child is selected to be invited to come and shop, his/her entire school age siblings are also invited to take part so all the kids get new clothes.

To wrap up their shopping experience, they get free breakfast from Mc Donald's and a back pack filled with school supplies.

I know first hand just how this evet makes a difference in these kids' lives. They start school feeling good about themselves and on an equal footing with their peers. It is such a beautiful thing to see. Some of them wear just these new clothes for most of the school year. Luckily, they are usually invited back again the following year!

We truly need more donors for this program as we had less kids who were able to be invited this year. Ah, to be independently wealthy... the great things we could do with the money!

Basically, today couldn't have been much better. So thank you, J.C. Penney and all of the donors who helped make this possible for all those deserving kids!

(Insert mental photo here of smiling, happy children!)


soggibottom said...

How lovely is that. someone cares enough to help. WELL DONE.
x x x

Terrie said...

Glad to read such a meaningful event in your county.