11 August 2010

It's not about the fish, it's about the i-n-g

Fish-i-n-g... Jack's back is healing slowly but he managed to tag along with two buddies and go fishing yesterday. The three of them have small 14' boats and take turns driving to the lakes around here. Jack hasn't been fishing since he hurt his back four months ago so this was a celebration in itself.

It so happens that he caught the only fish and it was such a beauty, he brought it home for dinner. (But I had a meeting I couldn't miss so we fixed the fish to eat tonight.)

My point is that no matter if they ever catch a thing, it is all about the act of fishing. Getting outdoors. Putting all your projects on hold for a day. Relaxing. Enjoying nature to her fullest. Talking with good friends or not talking at all. Contemplating whatever is on your mind. Breathing clean, clear air.

The "i-n-g" is definitely the best.

(Jack did come home a bit sore, but he is walking this morning so I'd say he is improving! Yay!! We are even going to try a drive to see the girls and families next week.)


soggibottom said...

I agree with you Sandee, it's always about the ING :-) x x x

Terrie said...

Couldn't agree more. ..ing makes life energetic !