03 August 2010

This one hurts

It's one thing to go through tons and tons (and yes, more tons) of photos to scan; I'll just be saving them in a different and more compact format. However, my negatives from the 1950's is totally another thing. I was so careful over the years to label each packet of negatives and file them in envelopes by years, etc. Now, they are going to the dump. The entire lot of them all the way through 2004 when I got my digital camera. That's like 50 years of negatives. (Sigh).... I know, it's only "stuff".

This is one reason for the purging...because Jack and I are the Stuff King and Queen! I've noticed when we hit a space together, I'll say to him, "You don't need that....toss it!" and he'll give me reasons why he should keep it. When I come to something not used in years, he'll say, "Toss it!" and I'll give him reasons why I'm saving it. Actually, we work well together because the pickup truck is over half full of trash and the car is completely full of donations. Now that's something to be proud of.

I have so many empty cupboards and shelves, I rather like the looks of things around here lately.



soggibottom said...

Think we could do with a good clear out, except any one who wants to tackle the stuff in the cupboard under the stairs.... is braver than me..... You have to fight your way in. Let alone find your way out again. I agree though... it's only stuff. Trouble is I throw something one week and then go looking for it the next forgetting that I have thrown it out.

The Galloways said...

That is ALOT of work! It will all be worth it when it is all done though. You can even restore some that have defects... thanks to "Photoshop". Have fun organizing! and.. GOOD LUCK!