31 July 2010

It's a Purple Day

Finally, I can post this photo of a wedding quilt my friend, Kim, and I made for our other friend, Vicki. It was done and ready to present to her but I couldn't show it off because Vicki watches my blog from time to time and I didn't want her to see the quilt ahead of time.
Kim and I took all of our purple scraps and tossed them around and put this together. Then yet another friend, Vi, quilted it for us. A group effort and it turned out quite nicely.
Vicki and her groom, Gary, were dressed in purple with purple trimmings everywhere in her home and backyard. I don't think she realizes there is any other color other than purple so I'm not going to be the one to tell her there is always RED as an option!

Well, Vicki .... Kim and I hope you spend many pleasant hours cuddled under that quilt together, dearly friend!

(This is a large lap quilt size approx. 74" x 60")
Kim, Vicki and me
The newlyweds..
Todd and Kim
Nope....no photos of me and Jack. I grabbed my camera too late in the day...sorry.


Meg said...

WOW. the quilt is fabulous and so are their purple fashions. I would also like to add that there is BLUE. where would i be without it? Love Meg

Terrie said...

Amazing quilt and such a "heart-felt" gift for dear friend.