20 July 2010

Through our Windshield

We decided to take a test drive to see if Jack's back would withstand a road trip. We made plans to meet our friend, Paul, who was traveling from WY to Bend, OR. We got a motel and figured it would be a nice 4 hour drive to Bend. If Jack was in a lot of pain, we would spend the night and turn around and head for home.

Y'all know me and my camera, I decided to "journal" through photos our view from the road.
This is Highway 62 not far from Crater Lake:

This is the Upper Rogue River, meandering through the woods:

Here the roads widens as we near Diamond Lake:

There are so many forest fires and this is just one reminder of such:

We turned East after Diamond Lake, OR and this was our view:

After our visit with Paul in Bend, we headed North and these are the 3 Sisters mountains (Amy.....MOUNTAINS)...

I have no clue what mountain this is....Mt. Hood for all I know? There are no signs along the way. I know I should know my mountains but I don't. We don't live where we can see snow covered mountains all year long. Close, but not quite. And these are foreign to me even though they are in Oregon. I'll just call it Pretty Mountain:

Now I do believe this is really Mt. Hood. It is along the Columbia River between WA and OR at Maryhill. Forests have been replaced by dry brush.

Ah, the smell of sagebrush makes my heart sing....

This is the Ellensburg valley from the Yakima side of life. I do miss this country.

Heading over Blewitt Pass from Ellensburg towards Wenatchee, WA. Back in the trees. How quickly the terrain changes around here.
This was heading along towards some lovely valley with orchards.
The Wenatchee River at Cashmere...and I allowed my girls to raft this river with my mom (and a guide).
And over the mountains after Wenatchee back towards Seattle to visit Mom and family.

There will be more to share....much much more. I just wanted you to see the change of scenery. Yes, I was supposed to have the I-5 corridor from Seattle to Medford but we are rather stuck at Mom's right now. Jack's back did not survive the trip. He is down and out. Poor guy is in so much pain he has not been able to get out of bed all day today. We are hoping for a mircale by tomorrow but I don't think it's going to shower down on us just yet. At least we are "stuck" in a good place!

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Terrie said...

I've a natural journey through your shots. Great region of mountains and forests. Hope Jack will be better soon.