23 July 2010

What Would Life be Without Cheerios?

I can't even imagine it....life without Cheerios. This little box of cereal has saved me more than once:
  • Cupboards are bare except for the Cheerios.
  • I've had a rough day, and it gets rougher as it wears on so I'm too tired to cook = Cheerios to the rescue!
Luckily for me, Jack likes them too.
  • The night we got home from our trip, he suggested Cheerios for dinner and I gladly agreed. (I know, we could go out to eat, but we just don't. When we are tired, we want to just stay close to home.)
Besides, that old commercial where the guy yodels "CheeriooooOOoooos" makes me smile just thinking about it.

There is a bonus on every box - a little coupon that says "Box Tops for Education" and that little label is worth 10 cents to our school. I have the kids bring them in and I trim them up and mail them off. Last year we made about $400 just from those labels on various products! One more reason to love Cheerios!


Norma said...

Hi Sandee.
I am very happy to read your blog again, this gives me a reason to open my e-mail.
I really missed you and Jack.
How is the back doing?
Hope you both are feeling much better now that you are home again.Love you both.

Meg said...

Cheerios! I couldn't live withut them. Although I'm doing without at the moment. I thought about bringing a box with me, but I couldn't spare the space. I will have a bowl full as soon as I get home, in the meantime I can drool over your photo online. Love you, Meg