07 July 2010

The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar and the Thirsty Thirsty Cat

Jack and I were enjoying our rock garden yesterday evening. When we are outside, where ever we go, Hook goes. (Reminder: he is an outdoor cat only...no pets allowed inside!)
I was taking a photo of my half-eaten flower plants and along comes Hook for a closer look at what I was doing and to get a drink from our watering can.

I'm trying to grow flowers here but have not had much luck.

He has a bowl of water but prefers to drink from the strangest of places!

He's not much of a gardener....but neither am I!
Jack tolerates Hook but the long hair is shedding in clumps and that drives Jack crazy. He even went so far as to say he thinks we should give Hook away! What? Give him away??
I am so in love with this cat...he is going to live here for as long as he wants with food, fresh drinking water and lovin'. (Well, from me anyway.)
I mean, who wouldn't love this guy?

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Terrie said...

Hook is sweet !