10 July 2010

Photos of Spam Fest

Imagine it quite hot outside and our face painting booth is on asphalt, making it all that much hotter. We did have a shade canopy and that plus my spray bottles to mist down saved the day.
I have been painting faces for 30 years or more and I have never EVER painted a belly button until today! (I've never charged for my face paintings either...always volunteer for non-profit events).
Yes, I know the girl whose belly button I painted...otherwise, I would not have even put my brush to the paint!
Sponge Bog and Patrick along with the "talking" belly button!

The Spam box bean bag toss was a hit with the kids. They all got prizes for playing along!


soggibottom said...

I have a feeling someone really enjoyed this day. Only a belly button ?
You never know your luck next time :-) x x x

Amy said...

OMG....that's too funny!