08 July 2010

Painting. No, not my watercolors, my house.

From all walls white in our entire house, to all rooms painted some color - that is my goal.
I have one bathroom and one bedroom to go and the entire house will be changed. Whew!
Our shower is behind the curved wall on the left. There are no doors, just our incredible view.

Now, it is a tan color because I do plan on finishing my wild and crazy quilt that I started 8 years ago. Once that is finished, the fall colors will spill from our bedroom into our bathroom. I figured it was much faster to spill into the bathroom first since the quilt is still in a zillion pieces in my sewing room.
This pic is a bit dark but I couldn't get my flash to work because the camera was picking up the bright outdoors light.


Kate Wille said...

Wow Sandee, I think I'd cut off my arm (or maybe a toe) to have your bathroom. It's amazing!

soggibottom said...

Oh a pool :-)
x x x

Terrie said...

What a cozy bathroom and what a green view to enjoy while bathing !