28 July 2010

And Then There Were More...

About five years ago, I got the bright idea to take all of my photos out of the albums they were in. (Sorry, Amy, but it's true...I tore apart scrapbooks and photo albums like crazy!) Then I put the photos into shoe boxes; fully intending to scan them into my computer! HA!!! Over the years, those boxes got shifted and moved and separated. Photos got pulled out for one reason or another then stashed back in the wrong place.
OMg! What a mess. These are just some of the photos. (That plastic tub in the middle is 3' x 1.5' long..just to give you an idea. )
I've been scanning bits and pieces over the years but didn't really have a good system as to marking those I'd scanned. (Dumb.)
So this summer was to be the summer of my photos! I want them all in my computer. I started scanning and gathering and gathering and scanning....(you get the idea...)

My problem is just when I thought I had them all in one place, I'd find more. I'd find more albums...like these. It may take another year to get this project done at the rate I'm going. But I am determined to do it.
One big reason driving me to do this is the fact that my girls do NOT want my photo albums when I die. I don't blame them -- there were too many to even count! I would rarely pull one down and look at it so why not make a HUGE slide show out of them and enjoy them that way?!
Then I'll have to decide what to do with all those photos in big plastic totes! I don't think it's good for the air to burn them so I'll have to check into that one. Any ideas?


Kate Wille said...

Sandee, once you have them all scanned you can get one of those digital photo frames to show the slideshows on, Richard got me one for Valentine's Day full of pictures from when we first got together! One frame can hold thousands of pics, then you can display them wherever you'd like.

soggibottom said...

You have beaten us, because we thought we had a lot of photo's....
Enjoy your sorting :-)
x x x

Amy said...

I LOVE my photos & my albums......we pull them out & look at them ALL the time!