10 July 2010

SPAM Festival

Yes, you read that right and it is NOT the spam you might get in your computer, but the canned meat kind of Spam. This is our little town's 10th Spam Festival and I'm going to be painting faces for the kids.
I was asked to paint a bean bag toss so the kids could have fun. Jack cut some holes in this for me and it turned out pretty cute. I'll post photos after the event today.
It is going to be close to 100° so I have spray bottles, water bottles and those cool wraps to put around my neck. Just bring on the kids!!


Meg said...

I always liked Spam. I especially like the "can" you painted. Throw a beana bag for me!!! Love you, Meg

Amy said...

that is too cute......but all I have to say about spam is....YUCK!