21 July 2010

346 Years of Friendship

The reason Jack and I went to Wenatchee was to visit some OLD girlfriends of mine and their hubbies. Now I've known Carmen (center) for 59 years and Janice (right) for 57 years; Carmen has known me for 59 years and Janice for 57 years; Janice has known me for 57 years and Carmen for 57 years so the way I figure it, that's 346 years of friendship!
We just get better with age...at least that's what we will tell you!

From me around the table: Blake (Jan's hubby), Jay (Carm's hubby), Jack (mine all mine), Jan and Carmen.

Jan and I got to walk along the Columbia through some wonderful parks. What a "user friendly" community to live in! I loved it.

Jan is our comic relief. She titled this piece of art "Foot in Mouth"

(Thanks for the visit, gals! We had a wonderful time.)


soggibottom said...

So much sunnier than where I was today. x x x

Terrie said...

Such a GREAT gathering and treasure friendship !

Meg said...

It's so great to see Janice and Carmen. Hi ladies! Thanks for sharing. Ina