07 August 2010


Iritis....nope, it's not a new kind of flower; it's an eye infection or inflamation and yes, I have it.
I woke up yesterday morning with my eyeball hurting something fierce. I thought I had an eyelash stuck in the upper part of my eyeball but as the day wore on, the pain got worse.

Each time I looked towards a light of any kind, it felt as if a knife were being sliced into my eye! Yikes! By 3:30, I decided to call the doctor. I managed to wrangle an appointment in Medford for this morning. Thank goodness, my designated driver, Jack, is better and could do the driving! I laid back and covered my eyes and imagined where we were with each bump and turn in the road. I knew right where we were without even peeking. I guess that comes with 20 years of driving the roads around here.

Anyway, that doc diagnose me but she couldn't treat me, she had to find an opthomologist on call. We we had to go home only to return 6 hours later. After this doctor, I came home with drops that I have to put in every hour and more drops that will go in every 4 hours. I'll have a follow-up appointment on Friday. It's a good thing I got it looked at because it can lead to blindness and/or other complications of the eye. After joggling my memory, I've actually had this before about three years ago.

Whew! I have to say after 2 rounds of drops, I already feel better. I am sitting here with my sunglasses on in a dark room, but the light from the computer isn't hurting at the moment.

The best news is Jack and I are taking turns with being the patient. I have to say he was so worried about me the past 30 hours....it's been rather endearing. I awoke to breakfast in bed this morning! Heck, I don't get that kind of treatment on my birthday or anniversaries or anything. So through my thick-dream-state mind, I sat up and smiled and managed a "Thank you, Honey!"


Meg said...

I don't suppose loooking at a million and one photos caused your eyes to rebel did it? When we get home I'll probably have 600 to download from this trip alone! Love you Sis. Take care. Meg

soggibottom said...

Really sorry Sandee.....
Good thing you were sensible and went to the doctor.... Have to be able to see the Stones..... you know. Take lots of care of you.
lots of love x x x x x

Sandee said...

Thanks for the kind wishes. I am feeling better this evening after numerous drops of steroids. Whew! My eye is dialated so I have to stay close to home for awhile. That's good too.
I want to get an external hard drive to store my photos. The good news is I don't have a trilobyte worth of pictures (yet) so I can get the cheaper hard drive. Geeze.

Amy said...

Glad to hear your eye is better now. I'm sitting here with an earache...Bleh! I'm guessing it's from swimming in the pool......know any good home remedies?

Terrie said...

Hi Sandee, sorry for the eye infection but sure you're getting much better as you can write and see now. Bblessing in disguise, sickness makes you're being spoilt, hehe... Take good care yourself.