25 August 2010

'just trying to poison us ... AGAIN!

I don't think I'll EVER stop picking green things to eat that I'm supposed to leave on the plants.
SooOooo, Jack needed some basil and asked me to go pick some. I went out to the rock garden and picked basil and inhaled the wonderful aroma. I knew we had two different kinds of basil so I picked from the second plant (or so I thought). I smelled it and it had basically no aroma...I figured it must be lemon basil.
I washed it and plucked the leaves from the stems and laid the pile on the cutting board. When Jack started chopping, he noticed the strange leaves.
Long story shorter....I had picked the tops of my zinnias that have not flowered yet!
I just looked up the toxicity of the plant and supposedly it is not poisonous but you aren't supposed to eat it. So what does that mean?

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soggibottom said...

Zinna's should maybe left in the garden.
It's a slip of the paw thing isn't it ?
Maybe you should get a book on herbs :-) x x x