13 September 2011


Our forest is so stressed right now. I have taken to wearing a wide brimmed hat when I go outdoors to keep the caterpillars from dropping into my hair. Yes, they were doing that and I'd itch for the rest of the day just thinking about it!

Now the oak trees are showing stress signs too. Although this fungus is beautiful to look at and watch it grow in size, it is a sign of an illness. (Or so I understand.)

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Kalba Meadows said...

Oh, how interesting, Sandee - we have almost the same fungus on one of our really old oak trees, and our neighbour (who's a renowned expert on all things spore) tells us that it's a result of the tree being stressed from lack of water. The rainfall pattern here has changed so much, especially this year when we've had only just over half what used to be called 'normal' rainfall. I'm just hoping it's going to survive .....