25 September 2011

No End in Sight

I know I am obsessed with these dang caterpillars. If you walked outside and they dropped from the trees into your hair or down the front of your shirt, wouldn't you become obsessed too? They just do not stop. We try to eat outside and they drop down out of nowhere ... etc., etc., etc.

So this is a shot of our driveway by the garage. Maybe a 7" by 12" area.

They start with just a few nibbles.

Then a few more.

They continue until they have stripped the leaves down to the center veins.

Remember, this is a tree that I'm working hard at knocking them out, hosing them off, or shouting at them to leave us alone!

Normally, I cannot see inside the tree to these branches. Now, it seems the branches is what we see most of all. Yes, I'm obsessed - they are even in my dreams. When I close my eyes at night and before I open them in the morning, I see caterpillars.

1 comment:

Terrie said...

This worms make us irritated. When dropped on our skin, we feel itch or painfull like fired.