06 September 2011

Where's Amy When I Need Her?

Well, house is clean; now to get on with the BIG project that I want to do while Jack is away and that is making my scrapbok from my 2006 trip to France.
My problem is this: It took four years to prepare for the trip and I have four years worth of paperwork, references, ideas,  etc. to squeeze into the album along with the crazy things I saved to put into the album. ... like my worn out shoe inserts!
I could use Amy right about now... the Scrapping Queen.
OH my.... I just realized this doesn't even include the 3,000 photos I took! (I might have to ask Jack to extend his trip by two months!!)

I color coded my spreadsheets for the most expensive to the cheapest. I tracked whether the 1-star hotel (many hotels ended up being negative 1-star!) had a shower in the room or not. One spreadsheet is of all the places I wanted to visit and how much the trains were from one pit-stop to another vs. whether to use my Eurail Pass or not! I printed out the European keyboard to study.
Hours and hours and hours and hours of reading and typing and exploring ... all with a dial-up connection on our computer.
Now ask me....go ahead, I know you are dieing to ask me.....
"Did I follow my script?"
My answer is this: My new mantra became, "Serendipity...... Serendipity..... Serendipity..."

Preparations for my next trip will take up much less forest products!


Soggibottom said...

We have a saying here :-) something about a cat not changing their spots :-)
Keep going Sandee :-) x x x

Terrie said...

Preparing a trip is fun. Before you're physically arriving there you indeed already started your journey by reading, searching, comparing and sorts of preparation. Enjoy it.

Amy said...

Oh, wouldn't I just be in 7th Heaven if I could come help you put that album together?! have fun!! Can't wait to see the finished project!

Clare said...

I spy Metro tickets! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comment arrived safe and sound.