26 September 2011

Hooray!!! She Does It Again!

Our eldest daughter, Danette, is a cancer survivor. Last year was her first time ever taking part in a triathlon for women who have cancer, have survived it, or know someone who has, etc. It is called the See Jane Run Triathlon. Hers was in Pleasanton, CA.
We were not able to go and watch her with this amazing athletic event, but she shared some photos.
Oh... not only did she finish the race, but she came in #13 in her age category which I think is 40-44.
She came in 18th last year so she got stronger this time around.

Getting ready to swim 400 yards.

They mark their ages on their legs.

Coming in after 11 miles of riding that bike!

The final leg of the triathlon is just that - running 3 miles!
Look at her, I bet she could go another 3 miles! You go, girl!

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Terrie said...

GREAT to see your warrior. Keep you and will see you in the coming years.