14 September 2011

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What a fun and exhausting day! I walked 1/2 a mile to get our mail. I unlocked the box and heard this "baa.... maa..." and looked up to see two adorable goats running straight at me. I hurried off the roadway and walked back towards where they live.
They were so cute and behaved almost like dogs.
I tried to say "good-bye" and shoo them back home but they kept following me. I got so far that I got worried and turned around back to their house. I told the owner the goats had followed me. He said, "That's what they do." (Um.... okay..)
I asked, "Will they find their way home?"
Unplussed, he said, "Yes."
So they followed me to the horse barn. I figured I would give them oats and while they were eating oats, I'd run home.
Well, I opened the tack room and they followed me. The horse got upset and chased them out into the field and into a corner. So there I was trying to get between the horse and the goats. The horse wanted to kick them or rear up at them and they wanted to crawl into my arms!
Around and around we went until I finally got them out of the horse area. Yup, they followed me home, the oats were of no concern to them!.
Once at home, they started to eat every plant Jack and I have managed to keep alive!
It was another 20 minutes with me chasing them around the house and trying to get the ATV out of the garage while keeping them out of the garage. Oh my! I was tired to say the least.
Then I had to start and stop and call them or "baa" at them to follow me. I led them home and closed their pen with them inside. To heck with the owner!

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Kate Wille said...

I LOVE their little floppy ears and waggy tails! Richard says goats stink, but I still think they're adorable. Thanks for the smiles, Sandee!

Amy said...

OMG....so cute! Reminds me of our Toby & Sparky we used to have.

BTW....Thank you SO very much for the beautiful Bible you made me!! What a nice surprise! I love it. Going to have to get Maw to tweak it a bit though because it's a little big, but I don't think that should be a problem for her.

Terrie said...

What so lovely and unique color goats. At first sight I thought they're dogs. They've such long and big ears ! Thanks for your sweet comments on my teaset. Do come to have a coffee. Your scrapbook looks very informative. You must have to bring back lots of memories and things home after your Europe trip.