16 September 2011

The Pregnant Scrapbook

My France scrapbook is pregnant! It keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Obviously, I am going about this the wrong way. I already have three bags full of papers I've tossed out but it looks like I need to toss more. This photo is my scrapbook currently. I have about this much more to add! I haven't even covered Normandy, Lyon, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium and the last trip to Paris yet.
But everything has such a great memory and it is important to me so what do I do? Hmmmm, okay, I don't have to keep the ENTIRE train schedule book, or the ENTIRE Sudoku puzzle book or the sugar cubes I never used in my morning coffee and maybe I can toss out some of the empty wrappers from numerous chocolate bars?
It looks like I'll be going through this book again and again and again to lessen the load. It's a good thing nothing is glued down yet. Oh, and this doesn't include any photographs. I think I'll put those in a photo album. That will be another problem: squeezing 1,000 photos down to 60 or less. It's a small photo album.

The fun part is looking at all of this and recalling the memories attached.

(Mom, Jack, Ina and Warren, you are all in these pages with me!)


Kate Wille said...

Split it into two! We have two wedding scrapbooks, there's nothing wrong with that. Rather than getting rid of stuff that holds memories, you could do more than one!

Amy said...

Yep.....what Kate said! I love a big ole fat scrapbook.....with lots of love in it! And I love all the tangible stuff...the memorabilia...that's what makes a scrapbook special!! I'd love to look through this in person.