01 March 2009

#48 Granties' Quilt

3 years ago, my sisters-in-law, sister and I started a new tradition; making a baby quilt for new arrivals in our family. We decided that the grandmother-to-be would start the quilt by making the first row, then pass it along to the next person to add a row. We could set guidelines if we wanted, but when it was finished, it would go back to the grandma to finish. The process is called a row quilt. I decided to name it the Granties' Quilt. Here is my row for my niece's baby boy who is due in May.


Meg said...

I love the pattern you chose. If you do a whole quilt with it, send a picture. Grandma Annette has four rows now and the fifth is underway by Gret Auntie Pat. We need to get together again to talk, pinch fabric and each other.
Love you, Great Auntie Me(g)

Tammy said...

I soooo am loving this idea, and just the whole story behind it....makes one stop and saw awwwwwe..:)