05 March 2009

#52 Crashing the party

My quilt guild had a 4 day retreat down river. I was not able to go this year because I am saving all of my time off to use with family, if needed. A friend, Vi, and I decided to crash the retreat on Saturday. We talked and giggled all day long and even got to sew a bit. This is a group photo I took. Yes, some of them stay in their pj's all day long....too much fun.


Amy said...

Oh gosh, does that look like fun or what?! Looks just like pics I've seen of scrapbooking retreats.....I've never been to one, but maybe one day. I KNOW it would be SO much fun. And they stay in their jammies all day too. ;-)

Tammy said...

WOW, that looks like a lot of fun...I'm with Amy, never been to one, but have heard about them....glad you were able to make it there at least for a little while!