30 March 2009

#89 Spring Break is over

I'm getting ready for work again....man, those 11 days just flew past me. (I'd taken 2 extra days on top of the vacation.) I was able to complete many things on my "To Do" list; I think I'll take this week to document the completion of some of those projects/tasts.
This is a quilted purse I started at the quilting retreat and just finished. I tried to find a button to go with it but Jo-ann's wanted $5 for a single, plain button. Nope. I think I have some Fimo dough so that I can make my own. The inside is loaded with pockets; one for a cell phone, which I don't own, so I'll have to find fun things to put inside.....or maybe I'll donate this back to my quilt guild for the Fall boutique since it is quite large for me. I prefer the small handbags that hold a tiny wallet, a tube of lipstick and aspirin!


Tammy Townsend said...

That's an absolutely gorgeous bag!!

Sorry to hear spring break is over for ya, but like you said, you got a lot accomplished, and that's always a good feeliing!

Amy said...

Oh wow....I LOVE,love, love this purse!! I want one!