03 March 2009

#51 Read Across America

Okay, yesterday was celebrating Dr. Seuss and kids all across the country were reading. Our library is only open 3 half-days a week now due to budget cuts so we celebrated today. Little tikes came out of the woodwork to be read to by volunteers and by Patrick Duffy, actor, who lives in our neck of the world. He was without a doubt, a natural with those little ones who were quite fidgety. He surprised me with a wonderful sense of humor and an obvious love for kids. (I hope he doesn't mind my posting his picture.) The artwork was done by a talented volunteer. All in all, it was a great day - even though I never liked Dr. Seuss books until I reached my granny-age! Thank you, Mr. Duffy, for your time and energy and thanks to all the other volunteers to make this the first of an annual event for certain!

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Tammy said...

Patrick Duffy....wow, that's pretty cool, and what's even cooler is that he is there doing that for the children. It's really good to see "really" good people still out there these days! Thanks for sharing these Sandee!!